Technology & Business

My Skills

Hello! My name is Elemar JĂșnior. I am an enterprise and software architect. Also, I am a software developer.

I am an expert in the tech business, complex domains, and in scenarios that demand computation-intensive solutions. I am crazy about productivity and innovation.

I help developers, architects, and IT executives to develop digital solutions that meet business needs.


I believe in the use of technology as the foundation for exponential growth.

I support executives in taking advantage of opportunities and in overcoming challenges arising from Digital Transformation generating tangible results.

I am accustomed to scalable business models that are prepared for the global economy.

EXIMIA Founder & CEO

In 2019, I started the Eximia Consultancy Company. Our mission is to apply our technological expertise to boost business results.

Like me, Eximia has two lines of action. The first one is business-oriented, helping executives to understand and explore technological opportunities. The second one is technological-oriented, assisting the developers in using the right technology, in the right way, at the right moment.


I was a developer, architect, and IT executive at Promob Software Solutions – a leader in solutions for the furniture industry – for almost 20 years.

I have been a pioneer in the development of CAD solutions for decoration, always in 3D. Besides, I had worked to facilitate industrial automation long before “Industry 4.0” was a trending topic.

I am acknowledged by the market, and we have been contributing to the development of software quality for years. I have experience in the line of business solution and also in high complexity solutions – including database, workflow execution engines, compilers, parsers, trim, and sequencing optimizers.


The NoSQL database developed by Hibernating Rhinos, our partner, is used by big players and its adoption is recommended by Gartner.

Our partnership includes joint development, consulting and mentoring initiatives, bringing together recognized professional in Microsoft technologies such as Elemar Junior and Oren Eini.


I have been selected to receive the Microsoft MVP award since 2012 – a recognition of his work with the communities. Since 2019, I have been recognized as Microsoft Regional Director.

I participate as curator and speaker at some of the most prestigious technology and innovation events including QCON, TDC, DeveloperWeek and TechEd.