Dude, where are your posts?

As you probably noted, my old blog posts are gone! It’s sad, but I had to take this way.

Main reasons:

  1. There was a lot of legacy content.
  2. Too many posts with formatting issues.
  3. There was no good categories and tags for all content.

That means all old content is really gone? Probably yes! I will do my best to provide best content for you.

  1. Shimmy Weitzhandler

    WOW that’s a shame!
    [This](http://stackoverflow.com/questions/38811143/identityserver4-with-ef6) StackOverFlow answer linked to you and it’s gone. You should have at least migrate the old stuff to GitHub etc.

  2. Elton Santana

    Shame on you! 😀

    I would like to have your old posts about functional programming.

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