I work in organizations, helping programmers, architects, and executives develop software that meets business needs.


Elemar has always shown an interest in knowing in-depth technologies and this has made him an architect of a lot of respect in the technical community.

Elemar has in-depth knowledge of .NET/C# and software engineering principle and practices.

Elemar is helping us, not only about how to develop better software but about how to make explicit the economic aspects of this process.

Elemar combines a strong technical knowledge and experience, and a sharp vision of business needs.

I owe Elemar a lot for the professional I am today. The period in which we worked together was the greatest learning experience for me.

Besides of technical development, Elemar is helping us to improve our entire business.

Elemar shares his knowledge in a very clear way. He has strong technical and theoretical background.

Elemar is the professional to guide you and your company to the new economy.

He loves to learn. He works hard. He’s a deeply skilled software developer, working on many levels of the technology stack with a commanding knowledge of both low- and high-level software.

In a few conversations, I realized how much Elemar manages to bring his deep technical insight into business and strategy discussions, and that has worked out very well for us.

Elemar is a professional with knowledge that I have rarely seen and with capacity for really spectacular results.

Elemar has a very good judgment to make decisions and drive solutions, always aligned with what is most beneficial to the business case.


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